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Welcome to the RX RANCH ---     
Shire horses and custom livestock grazing.

booth at west dakota roundup.jpg
Ranch booth at the West Dakota Roundup

    Hi! We are Bob and Gwen Green and family.  Welcome to our website.  We are located in north central North Dakota.  We have raised Shire Draft Horses since 1979.  We are lifetime members of the American Shire Horse Assn. and also have been members of the North Dakota Draft Horse Assn. since 1979.  We edit and publish "The Droppings" the NDDHA newsletter. Take a look at the NDDHA newsletter page of our website.  Just click on "The Droppings."

    Our emphasis with our breeding program has been on dispostion, soundness and the desire to work.  Our children and now our grandchildren are involved with the horses.  We feel our breeding program has developed a quiet, sensible and very trainable horse.  Our horses can go anywhere and do anything our customers may desire.

    We have priced our horses reasonably, so that anyone can own and enjoy this breed, as much as we have.  The horses on our ranch have been born and raised here.  All of our horses can be traced back to 3 mares and our foundation stallion.  We have outcrossed, using 3 other Shire stallions.  We have both registered and grade horses available for sale.  We have all ages from weanlings, to broke horses.  Check out our other photos and sale list.  Enjoy your visit and thank-you for coming.



Field Days..activity
Bob with Toby&Peggy

Grand Forks Show..2001
Dustin age 8 at left & Chelsea age 11 ...2001

heading for home-2004